Skiers Accredited was born in Åre, Sweden. The beer was Hof. It was Maundy Thursday 2008, and the first sketches and ideas had been drawn on three serviettes before the ski boots were off. The basic idea, the feeling and the serviettes remain.

We see this as a total commitment in which we take skiing, development and joy seriously. It is a mutual investment in which the skier and mentors do all they can to achieve a maximum result.

A computer replaced the serviettes and the spring turned into summer and then autumn. The concept was discussed inside and out, and the focus moved to ideas about how we could package it as a clear logo for what Skiers represents. It wasn’t until the middle of February 2009, on a snowy morning on Bergbanan, that the Skier Star and its design took shape.

When the basic concept and the logo were in place, it was time to focus on the most important thing. Who do we want to join us? Mentors for equipment and skiing techniques were hand-picked on the basis of passion, experience, skills and joie de vivre. Our first meeting was in Sandhamn, in May 2009. Together, we laid the foundations for Life skiing and the Soul of Skiers Accredited.
Skiers Accredited’s journey has begun. With more mentors and members who share the same great passion, experience, skills and joie de vivre, we are driving the development of Life Skiing.

We always take full responsibility and consider it a privilege to work with motivated skiers. Lifelong membership is offered to all those who make this snowy journey of development. Different levels, age-adapted and tailor-made programmes within the Skiers Family make it possible for you or your team to develop and reach your max.

We are currently operating in Sweden and Switzerland. During the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 seasons we aim to open in Norway and ad more countries in the future.

Monica Åslund, Chairman of the board