Conscious Freedom

Heart and ability in interaction. We believe that skiing, personal growth and joy provide maximum development. We always focus on skiers’ awareness of their movements, so they can choose the right movement at the right time and get the desired result.

World-class Networks

We create spaces for contacts and meetings, where members can expand their networks throughout the global village; gaining maximum returns from each other at every meeting. We work in small groups during a Ray, encouraging networking. We hold Rays at the same times and places, promoting bonding in the afternoons and evenings. We also host big events in which skiers participate and expand their networks. The synergies found in these networks move beyond our boundaries.

service deluxe

100% focus on the skier. The skier is the heart of all activity, and we give our all so he or she achieves optimal development. We prepare a foundation for the best path. A Ray is carried out on the skier’s terms, with no exceptions. A skier is prepared to put everything into developing, so we provide complete back-up.

Supreme Abilities

We have supremely skilled mentors, who develop continually. They must learn from each other and push for progress. Together, they must strive for optimal development, as satisfaction is static, while development is movement. All mentors are hand-picked by Skiers Accredited because they are the best; they have selected each other. Dialogue, response and faith guide the way to maximal development.