Alexander Novella

Skiing is my passion! This drives me to expand my boundaries, both as to what I can do and experience on skis. With Skiers Accredited I’ve found the right conditions for increasing my awareness and releasing my potential on the mountain! The development process feels carefully considered and not only influences my skiing ability, but also gives me the tools to push forward my awareness and development in general! This is a journey that I am going all-in for, and I also have the privilege of making it with a group of wonderful, like-minded individuals who are part of an active network that also provides other opportunities.

Alexander Novella, Business Architect at Cordial Business Advisers

Anders Larsson

“The Rays and the Check Points I have been through have simply been great fun and extremely rewarding. Sometimes also, I admit, a bit frustrating. It is fascinating what these mentors have done to an old man who sits in an office or a meeting room somewhere in the world most weeks. I feel like I’m a SKIER again! I can only congratulate those of you that have decided to join. It is easy to check in, but you can never leave.”

Anders Larsson, Partner Compass HRG (A long long time ago ISIA accredited Ski Instructor)

Anders Östring

Skiers has led me to become incredibly more aware of my own riding that for 20 years has been mostly right and left turns to find the force in skiing. It ́s cool that I as an old-school rider have found a new ignition and the joy of someone in ski Sweden taking skiing seriously again is huge.

Anders Östring, ISIA accredited Ski Instructor in 1987


Skiers Accredited offers many things. I am continuing to develop my skiing, which is amazing at my age. I have the opportunity to ski with others – both in the winter and at other times, when most lifts are closed in Sweden. I get to meet and associate with many interesting and amusing people... and all of this is with the support of the professional and competent people at Skiers. I have lived in Stockholm all my life; I have a family with four grown children. Recently I have been working as a management consultant and board member and, as the years have passed, I have been able to increase the time I spend skiing. I am now a full-time skier in Åre. The reason – it is hard to find anything as fun as skiing!

Lena Östman, Passion Skiers


"At last! After more than 40 years of skiing, for the first time I can analyse my own turns, feel when it's right or wrong, what I can do better and so on... It's magic, a whole new dimension to skiing! For me, Skiers Accredited is really good skiers, high quality performance and lovely people – and I have only just started the process! I love it. This is my life!"

Kalle Sandström, MSC in Civil Engineering

Nils Ronéus

I thought I had reached my highest level in skiing, regarding technique and feel. My focus was to maintain the level I had reached to keep up with my two son’s in our ski adventures. With Skiers Accredited I’ve found out that even at 50+ there is a lot of skiing and development left in life. I have soared to new levels and am having the time of my life.

Nils Ronéus, Business owner with Equine Sports Medicine as a speciality.


What has Skiers given me? Skiers… I came into contact with skiing early in my life, and the passion that my husband and I feel for skiing was inherited by our children, who competed in alpine skiing for many years. When they stopped competed some of the fun went out of it, but that was when Skiers Accredited turned up. It’ll soon be three seasons since my family and I joined Skiers and it’s been a fantastic journey and experience. When I found my way to Skiers I thought that the networking would be fun, but I can already ski. It took about two hours to change my mind and now, a few seasons later, I am skiing better than ever and wherever I want without difficulty.

Right now the whole family is longing for snow and to continue our journey with Skiers fantastic ski mentors and all the wonderfully committed Skiers. /Skiers greetings.

Katja Edling, Dentist