Mentor in Life Skiing

The mentors are selected for their competence, and their abilities in skiing and leadership. They are dedicated, experienced and are the elite in skiing with awareness. Together they are at the forefront of tomorrow's skiing.

Alex Singenberger

One of the most versatile mentors that easy change from park- big mountains to the race course. Born and raised in the small mountain village Emmetten in Switzerland and many years on FIS tour. Summers are best spent in Chile and Argentina as a ski racing coach. Has extensive knowledge as technical director for skischools as well as  a synchronized skiing world champion. Member of the swiss snow demo team and ski-school director in Toggenburg.


Alex Taugwalder

Swiss from top to toe and with undisputed technique. He was born and grew up in Zermatt and is now based there. Head of the Swiss ski school in Zermatt, with more than 200 ski instructors. ISIA certified in 2006 and a member of the Swiss demo team since 2009. Was at Sportsschool Engelberg from 1998–2003 and received a degree in Hotel Management in Luzern in 2011. Has raced in the Europa Cup and is the Swiss Champion for ski instructors in Ski Cross and Giant Slalom. Current ISIA Giant Slalom World Champion.

Anders Fritzon

Lives for skiing in the mountains and has been based in Verbier for 14 seasons. Has the highest international ski instructor certifications in the USA, Sweden and Switzerland. He is now in his 30th full season on snow and he’s spent time in USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway to mention a few. Member of the Swedish demo team 2000–2005 and formerly played football in AIK’s A team. Part-owner and extreme ski coach for Powder Extreme, Verbier, since 2003. Has lived for skiing his entire adult life and still does.

Andreas Jonsson, CEO

Dedicated and focused founder and co-owner, who has spent the last seven years developing Skiers Accredited. Has a Master’s degree in cognition science specialising in neurology. Holds the following qualifications: Swedish ski instructor /ISIA, American disability and New Zealand’s telemark. Formerly examiner for the ski instructor qualification, member of the demo team and worked as a ski instructor, coach and educator for ski instructors in the Nordic countries, North America, the Alps and New Zealand. CEO for Skiers. Based at our HQ in Åre.


Calle is an extraordinarily versatile skier. Young, motivated, and humble, he’s not really into competing, even though he has two silvers from the Swedish Championships in Halfpipe and six golds from the Swedish Championships for Ski Instructors, of which two are official. Calle has been a SLAO instructor since 2012, an SSLF instructor since 2014 and is a member of the Swedish ski instructors examining board. He’s currently coaching and teaching future freeskiing stars at the sports college in Malung and running a small project on functional movement.


Daniel Randwiir

Superb at steps, turns and talk. Former FIS skier and member of the Swedish junior team. Has worked as a ski consultant with the Swedish Ski Association (SSF), ski university, colleges, clubs, etc. ISIA certified in 1998. Four years in the Swedish demo team and examiner for the ski instructor qualification, many years as an instructor for SLAO/SPS and SSF. Has coached for the Swedish men’s team, Järpen’s ski college and the Swedish junior women’s team. Four years as head of sports at Akademi Alpint.

Demian Franzen

Swiss-Australian, married to a Swede and grew up in Zermatt. Organisation, chill and service at its finest. ISIA certified in 2009 and member of the Swiss Demo Team since 2012. Four years at business school in Brig and a former member of the Swiss national team, with his last race being the World Championships in Åre in 2007. Responsible for the Ski-Valais race team since 2010. Has several top places and medals in both GS and SL, of which the most recent was a third place at the ISIA World Championships in 2013. Based in Zermatt.  

Johan Rydén

Johan has expertise and passion, often ending up in the firing line because he’s one step ahead as regards innovation and development. For the last four years he has been responsible for SCoTT, Sweden’s best training for ski instructors, and a national project for ski organisations relating to the ski techniques of the future. During six years he was been responsible for the Swedish Ski Instructor Qualification and has training more than 1000 ski instructors and coaches since the 1990s. He was captain of the Swedish Ski Cross Team in 2008–2009 and has run three ski schools, with more than 1500 employees.

Linus Bergström, Sales

All-in with power and playfulness. Began his ski career at a young age, competing in alpine skiing from 1992 to 2006 (2002–2006 as a FIS skier) and has competed in the Junior World Championships and World Cup in Ski Cross. Linus has worked as a SLAO instructor since 2009 and has so far trained more than 500 ski instructors. Formerly head of internal training in Sälen for four years. He has won medals at all the Swedish Ski Instructor Championships he has entered, three golds. He works part-time with Skiers Accredited, based at our HQ in Åre.


Grew up and lives in Vemdalen, Sweden. Maja is thoughtful and selective in her decisions, but when she does something it’s whole-heartedly. Graduated in 2009 and was head of Vemdalen ski school 2010-2016. Swedish development team 2011-2013 and from 2016-. Examiner for the Swedish ski instructor qualification 2015-2017 and member of the Swedish demo team Interski Pamporovo Bulgaria 2019. Maja prefers contrasts with a mix of fast and slow activities, as long as they are outdoors. Her main focuses are people, snow and skis. Maja works full-time with Skiers Accredited, based at our HQ in Åre. She is Manager for Sweden since September 2018.


Nadine Grünenfelder

Former FIS racer, training manager at Flumseberg ski school. Member of Swiss Snowsports’ demo team, education pool and examiner. Also certified ski race coach, telemark and cross-country instructor. Five-time Swiss Snowsports champion in overall standings and several gold medals in individual disciplines. Current demo team and ISIA Giant Slalom World Champion. Instructor and race coach in New Zealand and Australia too. Works as a teacher in the spring and summer. Studied at Copenhagen University, so speaks also a little Danish, as well as Swiss-German, German, English and French.


Nina Öqvist, Manager Switzerland

Known for being both soft and tough, and having extraordinary drive. Three-time World Champion in powder8 and former FIS skier. She has numerous gold medals in Giant Slalom from the Ski Instructor Swedish Championships and top results in international competitions in both Ski Cross and Big Mountain. Has taught on five continents and is now starting her 28th season, many of which have been in the US. Formerly head of ski schools in Tänndalen and Åre. Manager and responsible for our Swiss office based in Davos.

Peter Åström

He has numerous theses and publications to his name and is a man who combines scholarly facts with innovative playfulness. He has a PhD in Motivation and is a senior lecturer at the School of Sports Sciences at Umeå University. He competed in moguls when it was still rock’n’roll. He has 17 years with the Swedish Demo Team, of which seven were as team coach. He was also responsible for training as part of SLAO/SPS for six years. Received ISIA status in 1988, has taught on three continents and has written several ski handbooks.

Stefan Olofsson, Operation Manager

Ski philosopher. Co-owner and father of the book Skiers Soul and the members’ book Skier. Qualified as a Swedish ski instructor (ISIA) aged 22 and has more than 20 years’ experience as the head of ski schools in Sweden and eight seasons as race manager in Queenstown, NZ. Was the youngest member of the Swedish demo team 1992–2000 and wrote a number of ski handbooks. Was an examiner for five years and demo team coach at the most recent Interski in St Anton. Director of Development Life Skiing, as well manager and responsible for our Swedish office based in Åre.

Stefan Zell

An enthusiast who looks for the optimal turn in everything he does, and holds Swedish, Norwegian, New Zealand and Canadian coaching and instructor qualifications. Has researched feedback at the School of Sports Sciences at Umeå University and been head coach in Canada and Norway. Former coach for the Swedish junior alpine team and the World Cup team. Father of the Swedish alpine Elite Coach certification. He has illustrated most of Sweden’s ski literature. Author of the book Alpin skidåkning teknik – Ur ett helhetsperspektiv.


It´s all about being at the right place at the right time. Being as one with the mountain. As simple as it sounds, it takes a lot of dedication and flexibility to be one of the few skiers who ski the high mountains with great awareness.

Tobias Granath

Based in Engelberg, Switzerland, IFMGA/UIAGM/IVBV Mountain Guide and certified UIAA Rock Climbing Instructor. Has a background as a Swedish Army's Parachute Ranger (Fallskärmsjägarskolan FJS) and study Sport Science and Academic Certified Personal Trainer at Mid University Östersund. Speaks Swedish, English, French and German. This is a tough guy with a big heart. Few knows about it, but Tobias is a experienced steep skiing expert with over eleven really steep skiing highlights. Mont Blanc du Tacul - Jager Couloir, Aiguille du Midi - North face and Pain du Sucre - North face. Just to name a few.


Jimmy Odén

Experience, expertise and routine – that’s Jimmy. Based i Åre, UIAGM certified mountain guide and member of the Verbier mountain guides bureau. In recent years he has been responsible for the ski section of the Swedish Mountain Guides Association and is the author of the bible for all big mountain skiers: Free skiing – how to adapt to the mountain. He is a true “soul skier” who has lived and worked with skiing in the Alps for the last 20 years. He and his wife founded the Elevenate clothing brand. Mentor and head of High Mountain.

Johan Tollstadius 

IFMG/UIAGM mountain guide and head of all guiding at Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain. Johan is a strong skier, something that his background as Biathlon Junior World Champion has surely helped with. There aren’t many people who are faster up and down the mountain than Johan. Having previously lived in Åre and Chamonix but is now based in Narvik, Norway.


Ski Tech Mentor

For best results, equipment is crucial – as these guys can attest. They know their craft, take it seriously and will never give up. Extensive experience and intuition makes them professionals.

Christian Kalmendal, Boot Mentor

Determined boot-fitter with passion, where optimisation is everything. He won’t give up until you have the best. Head at Åre Skidsport since 2007. Previously at Sportkällaren, Åre Agentur and Alber Sport in St Anton. With orthopaedic training from Olmed ortopediska and having made tens of thousands of ski boots in the last 16 years, he knows all about boots and feet. Educator, lecturer and now researcher at the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre, examining how the adjustment of performance parameters (soles and boots) affects skiing.

Matts "Sasse" Sundberg, Ski Mentor

Optimisation, modification and performance are Matts’ focus. He started out as a member of the Finnish team for Giant Slalom and Slalom. He received ISIA status in 1991 and then changed career, becoming a serviceman and assistant coach for the US ski team in 1998–2005, working with racers such as Daron Rahlves, Ted Ligety and Erik Schlopy. For the last three years he was Bode Miller’s personal service technician. He has been around the world’s ski continents numerous times, both as an elite skier and as a service technician.

Leadership Mentor

The connection between Skiing and modern Leadership is clear – both consist of many challenges and lessons which easily can be applied to world business development. Courage, failure, curiosity, development, fear, risk, responsibility, choice of paths and joy are some of them. Our mentors combine them with you on your journey.

Mikael Åslund

Mikael is a behavioral science guy with a burning passion for skiing. Over 20 years of experience transforming global businesses to match market development. Among other projects, he was the consultant behind the success of Toyota Sweden. He has conducted over 6000 in-depth interviews with global business leaders and is author to the book ”Den tysta motorn.” Human initiative, market driven business development and vision based engagement are Mikaels interests.

Monica Åslund

Another behavioral science guru. She has broad experience in cultural change and merges. HR quality work, leadership and personal development are close to her heart. She has over 20 years of experience in Personal development stretch within the Scandinavian work environment. Group energies / personal development possibilities are within her field of expertise.

Friends in our network

Common to all our Advisors, Inspirers and Guest boosters is their talent and a passion for skiing and the alpine lifestyle.


In addition to our mentors, Skiers Accredited works with a number of ski fitness and ski health professionals to develop our process and ensure that our members get the most out of their skiing experience. These are the people we contact and consult. They are our advisors.


Our network also includes passionate and professional skiers. They help and inspire us during camps, trips, seminars and networking meetings. All so that our members get the most out of their membership and so that Skiers Accredited never stops developing. We call them our inspiration.

Guest boosters

We have a number of talented people around us and in our network that impress us. They are skilled in their specialisation and their industry. They are happy to share their experience and ideas and we welcome them because they can bring us a boost and provide inspiration, bringing development and renewal. Thanks to our guest boosters.