Skiers Process is the skier’s continuing development. We create an awareness of movement and perfect conditions for development. This journey offers progress, frustration, a break with old patterns, participation, companionship, faith and joy. The integration of the mountain, the snow and movement.


The aim of a Tryout is to give you a taste of Skiers and to allow us to conduct an analysis. Where do you and your skiing skills fit in? TQ or AC? AC is the higher of the levels, with TQ as the level for skiers who want to achieve AC standard in the future.


Each Ray lasts 3 days, is intensive on-snow training and has maximum five participants, creating togetherness, inspiration and joy. It also increases development and expands the members’ network. The aim is to match mentors and members for maximal development. Each Ray has a different focus, with a continual progression from one Ray to another.


There are checks between each Ray, ensuring that progress is being made and that your movements are developing. Before each Checkpoint, the mentors review your Skiers Profile to establish where your focus lies.

Camp, Journey & Meeting

In addition to the process we have camps, trips and activities throughout the season. The content and the place vary, but the purpose is always joy, development and networking.

Skiers Profile

Skiers Profile is an important tool in this process. We vary your mentors during the process, in order to achieve maximal development. Transitions between mentors are managed using your Skiers Profile. This is web-based and starts during your first Ray, accompanying you on your journey through the process. A new profile is drawn up for every Ray and is updated after the Checkpoints.