We are here for you

Skiers Accredited is a passionate community for skiers, focusing on your personal development. It's for people who love life, development, snow, adventure and networking. For people who demand results. We develop skiing by focusing on you and on one question: how do we achieve your max? For us, max is not a destination, it is a journey. Your journey will give you joy, companionship and growth.


Our Rays are offered throughout the entire season, so you decide when you have the chance to participate. As a result, small interchangeable groups are formed for each Ray. This flexibility offers increased opportunities for widening your network while improving your skills. Checkpoints, seminars and network meetings are offered between each Ray and are included in your membership.  


You know when you’ve got it. Our main ambition is to create awareness, boost your ability and to motivate you to use your full skiing potential. Brief theoretical instruction adds a further understanding of the keys to skiing success. This theoretical background, awareness and the technical knowledge of how to choose the right movement at exactly the right moment all combine to give the optimal skiing experience. Close contact with our Ski Tech Mentor gives you the opportunity to own bespoke equipment, where the skis and the boots are essential elements.

Personal development

The focus is on you and your development through awareness. This is a high end process where your personal development is synchronised with your development in the mountains. Cutting edge leadership theory is drawn from both academic research and global business experience. The cornerstones are: Belonging/Loneliness, Knowledge/Breaking patterns, Identity/Perspective, Influence/Power, Group/Independence and Integration/Development.

Members’ network

Skiers Accredited is a passionate community for skiers. There are meetings, seminars, networking and activities throughout the year, on and off snow. Join us when it suits you. We are on snow from October to May, while June to September is primarily dryland training and get-togethers, as well as summer skiing. We have some regular events and network meetings, while others can change from time to time. The calendar varies, and no two years are the same.